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Stripping out external walls and extending both levels maximised the potential space available. The kitchen doorway was reformed and glazed to open-up the heart of the house and gently define flush lifting hoist circulation routes. Kitchen units wrap around the breakfast area allowing the dining area to fill the new floor area. The open plan layout enlarges the sitting area. Wide sliding high-performance doors with a level access threshold ensures safe easy passage onto the patio. Extensive earthworks and engineered retaining boundary structures redefined the garden. Well insulated brickwork walls and tiled roof match existing finishes and roof scape. Overlooking potential is removed by lowering the eaves and providing a floor level bedroom window to restrict views into the garden. Rooflights to bedroom and en-suite provide unobstructed skyward views. Solar panels were re-positioned on the new roof.

Costings exercises commenced when applications were submitted to achieve Planning and Building Regulation Approvals. At risk these ran in tandem to shorten the project timeline. A CDM Checklist was issued to the builder.


An accessible two-storey addition with through-floor lift. Remodel of garden to form level accessed patio.

Seamless wheelchair and lifting hoist accessibility drove the design concept to extend this 4-bedroom detached home in Stone Cross. Early detailed input from project OT and builder clarified the brief while Planning constraints determined the envelope footprint and volume.

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