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Altering the bathroom layout and infilling the kitchen doorway allows the staircase to be centralised while maintaining circulation routes throughout. Partition removal allows the kitchen/dining area to extend across the width of the house with access to the utility room addition. A new doorway steps into the converted garage that provides a double bedroom with shower room and kitchenette. Extending the ridge to form a highly insulated Sussex hip maximised the master bedroom floor area and volume. A purpose made window and rooflights give far reaching sea views. The upgraded hipped space contains an en-suite with outlook onto the rear garden. The entire property is to be re-roofed and rendered with new high-performance windows and doors throughout.

Both applications were submitted together to achieve Planning and Building Regulation Approvals. A CDM Checklist was issued to the builder and Party Wall agreements were put in place.


Loft and side extensions. Garage conversion with internal remodel.

Achieving a larger multi-generational home within this 1930’s link detached 3-bedroomed bungalow in Saltdean formed the design brief. Thermal upgrading measurers are essential to project success. 

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